Top Ten Reasons TRCoA is the Best Choice


We take personal, firsthand responsibility in making sure that YOU experience every part of our program. Through our accreditors, we maintain the extremely high standards necessary to offer FAFSA and we work very hard everyday to create real working graduates out of each and every student.


You will learn directly one on one from us every step of the way.

Real Working Studios

You will learn in a place where real products are created for real clients everyday.

Building Clients

This business is very reputation oriented. You have to be working for anyone to notice you. You will practice building clients right here, right now while you are in school at TRCoA.


Most of our one-on-one mentor-ship recording arts program can be experienced via screen-share. You can start building towards our recording arts diploma with individual, screen-share classes right now.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is like no other that exists. We don't just tackle the idea of learning how to turn knobs but we also tackle the tough question of creating professional radio-ready music and the even tougher question of actively creating real sustainable business.

Your Music Company

Here you will literally start your own music production company while your are in school.

Flexible Schedules

The timing of your weekly schedule is entirely up to you. This makes it perfect if you need to hold a part time job or attend another school at the same time.

Owner Operated

There is time and care that is invested in each and every student in an owner operated school that no large, heavily populated school could ever create.

Length and Affordability

In less than a year and a half you will be well on your way to a successful career. You don't have to waste four years of your life wading through classes that don't have anything to do with the direction you are trying to take your career. And as far as price, we are considerably more affordable than anyone who even remotely comes close to what we offer in our curriculum. The Recording Conservatory of Austin reviews each student's progress throughly to make sure they're able to get the most out of our education.