Open House

Thursday, July 11th @ 7:00p CST with David Messier

David Messier Our open houses provide an opportunity for our students, faculty, and guests to interact with each other in a casual setting at our recording studio or virtually. We regularly invite a music industry professional to come and tell their story . This gives the students and guests real world insight from someone who is truly successful in the industry. Don't miss out! Come hang, meet the students and staff, and ask some questions. Please fill out the info form to attend.

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Success Stories

Robert Sewell with Skrillex, Run DMC, Justin Beiber, Lil Wayne, Blue October, The Pentatonix, Adele, Noel Zancanella, and Mike Dean at Orb Studios

Robert Sewell

Audio Engineering, Music Production Program

The One-On-One Mentorship Program for
Audio Engineering, Music Production, and Music Business

Recording Studio

Our Recording Arts Program lasts 16 months.

The Recording Conservatory is an Audio Engineering, Music Production, and Recording School. Because of our one-on-one mentorship approach, The Recording Conservatory is where truly passionate students are coming to jump start a vibrant career in the music industry. Our proven curriculum is taught exclusively by real working industry professionals on projects with real artists. TRCOA is, in the truest sense of the phrase, a trade school.

Our main goal is to hand craft you into a working audio engineer, music producer, studio owner, record label, or music business entrepreneur.

At TRCOA, not only will you learn to create professional music productions, but we'll set you on a career path to creating your own business. Not only will you learn to be an Avid, Pro Tools recording, editing, mixing, and mastering expert, but you will learn how to initiate and maintain the business relationships necessary to be successful. We take special care to create close relationships with each student. We listen to your goals and strive to help you reach them.

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What Sets Us Apart

One-On-One Mentorship Classes

The flexibility and personalization that is possible with one-on-one classes makes each students experience their own. You will feel like you are in a school specifically designed for your needs.

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Work with Industry Professionals

You will be learning from true industry professionals. They will likely be working with a client right before your lesson and will bring their real personal experiences into your one-on-one class time.

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Projects with Real Artists

Projects are the core of our programs. Day one you will start booking projects with real artists and by week four you will start working on your first of many many projects. Projects make-up at least 75% of your hours.

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