You Will Start Your Own Music Production Company

Most music production schools just don't get it.

They teach you the technical stuff from an academic point of view in a class room. They don't spend enough time teaching you the action of creating a real, professional product, or the action of marketing and selling your production skills. Instead they teach you a lot of theory, give you a certificate and send you on your way. Since the music industry is so experience and reputation oriented, at graduation after spending all that time and money, you are basically at a zero starting point. You will even have a hard time getting an unpaid externship because it takes a studio owner too much time to teach someone who is new to a real working studio environment.

If you don't have any real work under your belt, real studios and real clients are going to shy away from you.

At TRCoA you are learning in real studios where you can't tell the difference between a client project and a student project. Your projects will feel and flow just like they would if you were working with a client, and some of the artists you are doing projects with will actually become clients.

First we teach you how to create truly professional products and then we teach you how to create and maintain client relationships,

and all this is done through the action of actively "DOING IT". To reinforce all of this music production and client building activity we will also be leading you through designing a production name, a website, business cards, nice invoices, and a solid business plan.

When you graduate from The Recording Conservatory of Austin, you will have started your own music production company.

Successful people in this industry are self made. They build up a reputation in the music community for being the go to person. We start you on the path to becoming that go to person.

Music Production-Client Relationships