Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We are accredited nationally by ACCSC. We are also licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges.
Tuition covers the cost of attending TRCoA. Additional costs includes book purchases, external firewire drives, web hosting, LLC licensing, and more.
Yes, The Recording Conservatory of Austin offers traditional Student Financial Aid through the FAFSA application. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Also, TRCOA has in-house student loan style payment plans for up to ninety percent of tuition costs. Payment plans are approximately four-year terms and are not deferred. This means that you would put 10% down when you enroll and then have reasonable monthly payments for approximately 4.5 years.
The Recording Arts Program is 14 to 18 months. The length of the program varies slightly per person due to the fact that every class is taught one on one.
TRCoA's programs are designed to work with your schedule. All classes are taught one on one and they can be scheduled for evenings or weekends. Additionally, the studio and editing rooms are open to students 24/7.
Any resident of the US may attend TRCoA, however, at this time, TRCoA can not provide an international student with a student visa. If you need a student visa then it is recommended that you concurrently attend Austin Community College as they have the ability to petition for F1/J1 Student Visas.
You will need a minimum of approximately 20 free, rested hours a week. The time commitment of these hours is not flexible but when these hours are scheduled is very flexible. About 4-6 hours a week will be spent in flexibly scheduled one on one course instruction. The rest of the hours will be lab hours booked by you and will be spent either in assists with other engineer/students or in the studio producing your many assigned studio projects.
While you are in school you will be able to run your clients here. Once you graduate there are many different arrangements under which an audio engineer, music producer or video producer can run their business. You don't have to buy any gear. You can simply build "engineer rate" relationships with existing studios. Then you will charge your clients an additional amount for yourself. As an alumni service you will always be able to use the studios here to do single free songs for potential clients and if you have a paying client it will only cost you $15/Hr.
To set up a time to visit TRCoA EMAIL ( or call (512) 231-0344. Appointments can be schedule for day, evening or weekends. Book a Tour / Interview
For your recording projects, you can bring in any artist you would like. Some students will bring in bands that are in a specific genre for the majority of their projects. Other students will focus on a wider experience and work with artists in different genres or even on such projects as film audio. We will instruct you on how to best meet and approach artists for your recording projects. Austin is all about independent film and live music, artists are always interested in working with TRCoA students.
Yes. TRCoA encourages you to work with different artists but students are free to work on their own music projects.
TRCoA does not require you to focus on a specific genre and in general, will encourage you to work in a wide variety of genres for your projects. The more diverse you are the more marketable you will be.
We encourage students to produce one to three songs per project. As you progress beyond the 1st Term we will be encouraging you to do single songs with the intent to create a client. This means you will only do one song for free to build a relationship with the artist. If the artist wants to do more then they will then become a client and pay your negotiated studio rate.
The studios are available to the students 24/7. All studio time is booked via a communal calendar.
No you do not need to have experience. TRCoA has designed its courses to give you all the tools you will need to go from complete novice to becoming a successful recording engineer/producer/videographer/music business entrepreneur.
New classes start every month. Classes always start on the 15th.