TRCoA's $25,000 Artist Grant

Here at TRCoA and Stinson Studios, our goal is always to create extraordinary things, whether it be a record, a video, an event, or a new, passionate engineer or producer. Our Artist Grants fall right in line with that goal.

This grant allows us to meet the complex needs of some of the most exciting musical talent and connect them with some of the most well educated up and coming engineers, producers, and music business entrepreneurs.

We have been very fortunate here to have the resources to continually pursue our passions and these grants are our way of giving back and enriching everybody's lives in the process. Please take a close look at what the grant has to offer and if you think it would benefit you then please enter to be considered for nomination.

We look forward to creating something extraordinary with you.

-John Stinson

Distrubuted when the final grant recipient is announced. This is cash dollars to help support the artist.

120 hours at Stinson Recording Studios and a full day working with legendary producer TBA. *valued at $9,000 for the final grant recipient

We will help you establish a band agreement, LLC, Partnership Filing, songwriting splits, work for hire, booking, etc. Final consulting with a lawyer will be provided. *valued at $2,000 for the final grant recipient

We will develop and establish a proper trademark filing, domain, social networks, website, and search engine optimization. *valued at $3,000 for the final grant recipient

We will run the math of income and expenses with three years of financial goals. This template can be re-used to develop a successful music business for years to come. *valued at $2,500 for the final grant recipient

A professional music video produced by TRCoA and Stinson Recording Studios (for each of the four finalists during the Video Production Stage). *valued at $3,000 for each of the four finalists

Major label representatives and other music industry professionals will see you during the fan participation stage and watch your video during the video production stage. They will also be providing Feedback. *valued at $1,500 for each of the top 16 nominees


  1. Nomination of Top 16 Artists (Jan/Feb 2019)
  2. Fan Participation*/Selection of Final 4 Artists (March/April 2019)
  3. Audio/Video Production of Final 4 Artists (May/June 2019)
  4. Final Fan Participation**/Grant Recipient Announced*** (July/August 2019)

*fans show support at
**fans show support by viewing videos
***TRCoA and our panel of music industry professionals will use the criteria of song writing, performance, originality and fan participation to nominate each artist at every stage.

Enter for Consideration

Dre SingingEnter to be considered for nomination. 16 artists will be nominated for the fan participation stage, 4 artists for the video production stage, and only 1 to receive our 2019, $25,000 Grant. This form will be available until Jan 31, 2019.

Previous Finalists