What are Impulse Response Loaders?

What are “Impulse Response Loaders”? Digital emulations of a speaker cabinet, a speaker, a microphone, and the placement of the microphone.

When discussing all of the options on the table for direct guitar recording like we have in the past: digital amplifier simulations, desktop tube amps, and tube amp attenuators, we would be remiss if we didn’t put a huge emphasis on cabinet emulation.

All of the aforementioned methods listed above require some kind of impulse response or cabinet emulation. These have a massive effect on tone.

Many of these Impulse Response Loaders are full featured and include power amp simulations where you can select tube configurations, many different cabinet and speaker models, many microphone selections, and let you place the mic anywhere in the room. Some also include many EQ and compression options.

There is also software that lets you make your own impulse responses and many folks trade or sell these.

This is my favorite impulse response loader (not creator):
Two notes- Torpedo Wall of Sound

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By D Walker| Oct 5, 2018 11:19pm

So that's how these studio jocks are getting these gnarly tones without all the work XD


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