The Best Desktop Tube Amps

What are the best desktop tube amps you ask? I have talked ad nauseam about digital amp simulators and direct recording for guitar. A new exciting development is the desktop tube amp, made for direct recording (usually 1 watt)!

These desktop tube amps are a great alternative to digital amp simulations. They are real tube amplifiers that respond like real tube driven amps. A total game changer!

Here are a few of the best desktop tube amps :
Fryette Valvulator GP/DI
Synergy Amps

The tube amp manufacturers are really starting to get smart about the feature sets that come with the units. Some of the units I mentioned have a tube DI out for re-amping, or running into an amp simulation; plus by-passable cabinet emulation out so you can use theirs or a software cabinet emulation. Plus some (The Fryette) have a stereo send and return so that you can run a stereo effects loop after the unit.

The best thing is that all of these desktop tube amps are live and can be recorded at the same time, giving the user an amazing array of options.

Which do you think is the best desktop tube amp?

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