TRCoA Alumnus Rocks out with Foo Fighters

"Kiss Guy", AKA Yayo Sanchez, completely stole the show Wednesday night, when he was brought up on stage and performed "Monkey Wrench" with the band.

"He brought his own fucking pick!" Dave Grohl exclaims, as Yayo gets ready to rock. He isn't messing around.

Yayo exhibits an insane amount of stage presence while running around the stage head banging, and THEN he pulls out an incredible guitar solo, while Grohl looks on in utter amazement. Dave Grohl even forgets the words to his own song!

Later on in the song, Yayo gets more time to shred before Grohl says, "Kiss guy, you're the fucking king." And they finish off the song, happily ever after: a real rock n' roll fairytale, but a fairytale that couldn't have been done without sheer talent and hard work.

We are incredibly proud of Yayo and all of his accomplishments. You can learn more about him here. You rock, Kiss Guy!

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