Guitar Tips: How To Stack Gain

Every guitarist should know how to stack gain

If a guitarist can only have 2 gain stages on their pedal board, what do you need? If it's any conventional sounds, you need a transparent amp like overdrive, and then you need a mids-heavy punch in the gut. There are many pedals on the market that do this! This one works particularly well:
Double Barrel V4- JHS Pedals

Stack a clean boost in front of a pedal like this and the combinations begin to get over the top. A boost pedal in front of a drive not only increases the volume, but also the drive level. Stack it after, and you just get more volume out of the overdrive.

With the ability to change the order in which the two sides exist, and then with the remote gain switch to jack up the transparent side, the permutations are over the top!

Follow these guitar tips and you'll be gain stacking like a master!

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