Guitar Session Recording Tips: Part Two

Part Two: Direct Recording Tips

When using amp simulation software, many of us take the speaker cabinet selection's effect on the direct guitar signal for granted.However, the cabinet type, size, and mic have a massive effect on the tone!

These days, most amp simulation software lets you turn the cabinet simulation (Impulse Responses) on or off, letting us choose the impulse response from other software. This lets us mix and match. I use Scuffham S Gear for my amp simulations, but like to use Two Notes “Wall of Sound” for my Impulse Response:
Two notes- Torpedo Wall of Sound

Check it out. It's a free download, you just need to purchase the cabinets. It has amazing flexibility over other Impulse Response loaders.

So don’t limit yourself to just running guitar through amp sims. It can be creative way to process any track.

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