Drum Sampling

In modern music using drum loops and drum samples is ubiquitous: you can find them pre recorded, sampled from records, traded, free on the internet, etc. These are great tools to sketch a song out with, even if you have the intention of replacing them later.

Since many loops are owned by many people, I tend to only use loops that I made myself or have edited heavily. With the “Audio to MIDI” function in Ableton they are also a great jumping off point, instead of building a beat from the ground up.

I always encourage students to start developing their own library of drum loops. If you take the time to mic up a drum kit in a studio environment, it is always worth the time to ask the drummer to give you “one shots” at different dynamic ranges and also play you a few grooves with differing levels of intensity.

In this manner you can build your own library that only you have, and you will also have separation between each drum!

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