How to use reverb, the best way

“To get the best reverb just put it on a stereo aux, choose the right preset, and done."

Think twice!

Though the topic of reverb is far more nuanced and in depth than just a simple statement, you should consider that reverb needs to be treated as another instrument source.

As in most tracking and mixing scenarios, we must make sure that we take into consideration what exactly we are aiming to achieve when applying reverb. As pedantic as it sounds, a bit of forethought goes A LONG WAY.

Are we trying to emulate a large space? reach for a hall verb. We love the Lexicon reverb collection

Trying to apply a slinky, short but full verb? Grab a spring reverb...or better yet! run your signal through a a guitar amplifier with its own verb for a vibey and character-filled effect. However, if you are looking for a great spring verb plugin we LOVE the AKG spring verb from UAD

If we want a darker, more haunting type of reverb, the best call is to look for a great Plate reverb. Plate reverbs exist in some of the finest studios in the world and are cumbersome enough to require their own room! Now-a-days many top producers reach for the EMT 140 plate reverb by UAD when they cant access a real plate. This thing is eerily similar to a real large plate verb, well worth checking it out if you are intoUniversal Audio plugins.

Valhalla Vintage Verb Is a MONSTER of a reverb plugin whose value absolutely exceeds its affordable price tag. Where many reverb plugins seek to emulate classic pieces of gear, Vintage Verb provides a product that is equal times unique and familiar sounding. This plugin is so good that merely strapping it on a drum buss, or effects return will ad instant vibe without touching a single dial (We don't recommend not playing with the with the dials...its fun)

What to do when you've decided on the correct reverb type?

Too often, reverb is neglected and nasty frequency build ups occur. Just as we typically need to add some EQ and compression on a guitar or vocal line to make it sit “just right” in the mix, at a specific frequency range, we must think of reverb in the same way. Use an EQ and compressor pre/post reverb and tweak to taste. That's just one of the reasons why we use Slate Digital: Verb Suite Classics. Their user friendly interface has a low mid and high eq built right in. Not to mention one of the best library of reverbs.

Go crazy! Remember, you’re making art.

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By Hannah| Oct 5, 2018 11:15pm

I know this.. I KNOW THIS.. AND YET.. I've totally let it slip my mind. Thanks for the reminder ^_^


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