Best Virtual Instruments: EastWest ComposerCloud

It is clear EastWest ComposerCloud is one of the best virtual instruments

One of the issues I encounter repeatedly among my students is their frustration with the stock virtual instruments that come with Pro Tools. While some of these are quite decent for basic demoing and mockups, many students want access to high quality libraries, but balk at the cost of some higher-end VSTs. In today's music industry, with its thin margins, a library of quality virtual instruments is crucial for creating music. Everything from demos, to album sessions, video games, podcasts, and film scoring demand high quality, high definition sounds. Additionally, when fees are not high, it is a bonus if a composer can access great loops, samples, and motifs, which are editable and easy to customize for quick results.

Enter EastWest Sounds ComposerCloud. With ComposerCloud you get access to EVERYTHING EastWest and QL has ever released from the store. This includes a whopping 9,000 ($12,500) top-tier virtual instruments, which you have probably heard a multitude of times in some of your favorite film, TV, or video game scores. The sounds run the gamut from standard rock, pop, and R&B fare, to orchestral sounds such as strings and orchestral ensembles; to more exotic sounds from around the world, plus synthesizers and sound design tools useful for just about any production.

All of the sounds are utilized through the Play interface which comes with a variety of options for modeling the sound including envelope shaping functionality, amplifier modelers, SSL style EQing and transient shaping; as well as reverbs, delays, and a built-in mixer for blending sound groups easily.

All the samples were recorded in high-definition using Neumman microphones and Neve boards/pre-amps. If you pay for the year subscription you get additional mic placement options (otherwise all sounds are available in omni, single channel format only).

At this time the Student EastWest ComposerCloud subscription runs about $160 a year (paid annually) or $14.99 a month as a pay-as-you-go service and are available here.

Check out their promo/review video here.

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