Deftones, the iconic alternative metal band, undeniably deserves the spotlight as TRCOAs Artist Pick of the Month. Their consistent ability to push the boundaries of rock music sets them apart. Blending elements of metal, shoegaze, and post-hardcore, Deftones create a unique sonic landscape that resonates with fans across generations. Their latest live performance at Coachella in 2024 showcased their creative prowess, including the debut of their cover of The Smiths’ “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want.” Singer Chino Moreno revealed that the band’s upcoming album is already recorded musically, with Moreno currently working on the vocals. The album promises an “invigorated kind of sound,” a testament to their evolution while staying true to their roots. Deftones’ music is a refreshing departure from the ordinary, making them a perfect choice for this month’s spotlight.

Deftones’ resurgence aligns perfectly with the current music culture. Shoegaze and hardcore genres are experiencing a revival, and Deftones’ music seamlessly bridges these worlds. Moreover, '90s nostalgia is at an all-time high, with a new generation discovering the band’s catalog. Parents who grew up listening to Deftones now introduce their kids to their music, creating a multi-generational fanbase. As the desert sands of Coachella vibrated with their energy, Deftones proved that their relevance transcends time, making them an ideal choice for TRCOAs Artist Pick of the Month. So let’s raise our imaginary lighters and celebrate Deftones—the architects of sonic landscapes that resonate across decades

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